Hi there, I am Mustafa, thanks for stopping by!

This website will provide some insight about me. I will be sharing about various things, from the movies that I like to the projects that I am dealing with.


Briefly, my education starts at Turkey around 12 years. Then it follows 8,352km east to the South Korea! I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Computer Science department at KAIST(2015-2019). Now I am a Master’s student at VCLAB, KAIST.

My Interests

I work in Computer Vision and Graphics lab, because I think world needs more careful observation! These days I am interested in novel-view synthesis, multi-view 3D imaging, and some learning techniques..

Also, I do some small, DIY projects. I like developing smart home gadgets for my house.

Outside the lab and everything, I’d like to keep myself busy with music: playing electric guitar, listening Spotify. Sometimes I just like trashing time with Netflix and Movies. I’d like to draw some inspiration on recent CGI movies!

I do some climbing and running as well, but it is getting harder to continue them these days 🙁